Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

 There was a time when the number of wild animals was large when minimum human interference was and there was no issue with their safety or conservation. But, with the development of farming, settlement, industrial and other development activities, and primarily due to man’s greed,  the number of wild animals gradually decreased and decreased.

Our foundation focuses on rescuing them in a safe manner with minimum risks. Similarly, the foundation aims and responds positively towards rescuing all the other animal species as rescued earlier. Some of them are Snakes, crocodiles, leopards, hyenas, sloth bears, raptors, migratory birds which were recently found in Urban Areas as these animals usually crosses the boundary of the forest due to habitat loss.

       Wildlife rehabilitation helps injured and ill animals return to their ecosystems so that they can continue to play their roles. Wildlife rehabilitation is especially important for endangered species. 

       Rehabilitation brings a feeling of satisfaction from releasing a healthy, strong, viable wild animal back to live wild and free in its natural habitat. Rehabilitation provides a unique opportunity for learning about wildlife, nature, environmental issues, and human values.

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