About Us


LIFE WITH WILDLIFE FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization situated in VADODARA, GUJARAT, INDIA. Which is known as LWWF and registered as public charitable trust no.- GUJ/3669/VADODARA, F/3355/VADODARA

You Have the Power to save the Wildlife Worldwide


We’re a not-for-profit, volunteer organization that treats, cares for and rehabilitates our Wildlife and Conserving BIODIVERSITY for the healthy future. LWWF is built upon the dedication, hard work and passion of such volunteers to work for the society.

    We are working for Wildlife rescue and Rehabilitation, wildlife conservation through research, reducing pollution, tree plantation programs, Nature Education programs at schools, communities, Rural areas, Industries, Tribal areas. Our foundation believes in the successful method of soft release wildlife. We always try to release as close as possible to the rescue scene, so that the animal can return to its colony.

   We are passionate about supporting smaller volunteer organizations in the wildlife sector with the same mission, as well as Universities, Veterinary Associations and other leading scientific and environmental groups.

  Our special concern is on the impact of climate change on wildlife and habitats, continent-wide, regionally and in specific areas. Our future goals include making shelters for abandoned and handicapped birds and to run emergency rescue networks for extreme conditions.


Our main Vision is Helping animals in Gujrati “PURE SEVA”. Also creating better future of animals with this 3 important things Wildlife Recuse, Wildlife conversation  and Wildlife Rehabilitation.


We don’t Want To Protect the Environment,
We Want To Create A World Where Environment Doesn’t Need Protection.