Uttarayan Bird Rescue

The kite festival is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in western part of india. It’s a dreadful day for all the birds who choose to fly. The injuries are caused by manja- the string used to fly kites. Gummed and coated with powdered glass, the strings are made dangerously sharp to slash the thread of an opponent’s kite mid-air during kite fights. Often birds get inextricably entangled in these manja strings and end up suspended from them, some at great heights causing deep cuts to their wings, nerve injuries, fractures, dislocations and, eventually dying, if not rescued by human intervention.

A rescue camp had been organized in which all the injured birds were given proper treatment. Volunteers were divided in teams and assigned works of attending rescue calls, helping the doctors treat birds at the clinic, and removing glass coated strings all over the city.

Uttarayan bird awareness programs were also  organised in schools. The children were taught about the harmful effects of the festival. https://youtu.be/M4iSO3_zMy4

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